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Ties and clamps are used to manage wires on electrical products. Ties are available in various colors and sizes, ranging from 10 cm to 90 cm in length. Our clamps are non-conductive, chemical-resistant, and flame-resistant.

How Ties & Clamps Are Used

Cable ties are used as a fastener and identifier for wires and cables. As an accessory, clamps clip and guide cables. They prevent the wiring from becoming an obstacle or from getting damaged. 

Why Buy Ties & Clamps from ShrinkShop?

ShrinkShop products organize cables and wires. We provide durable cable ties in nylon, stainless steel, and chrome plated. Our clamps are resistant to UV light and chemicals.

ShrinkShop Cable Ties & Clamps

Cable Tie Tools

  • LT-100 tie gun Lightweight tool 
  • LT-400 Heavy-duty tool 
  • LT-600 Ideal for assembly line
  • Stainless Steel Tool 62866

Cable Ties

ShrinkShop cable ties are available in nylon 6/6 within the temperature range of 185 °F (85 °C) to -40 °F (-40 °C). Black cable ties are made from UV-stabilized nylon 6/6, ideal for outdoor use. 

  • Button Head Tie Merithian Ties 
  • Fluorescent Ties Merithian Ties 
  • Standard Ties Merithian Ties 
  • Mounting Ties Merithian Ties 
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Ties Merithian Ties 
  • Heavy-Duty Ties Merithian Ties 
  • Identification Tie Merithian Ties 
  • Releasable Tie Merithian Ties 
  • Stainless Steel Ties 
  • Chrome Plated Ties 
  • Metal Tooth Cable Ties

Other Wiring Accessories

Our cable tie guns have an automatic shut-off and adaptable tension release. They are available in metal tooth, stainless steel cable, and chrome plated. 

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