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Terminals are essential for any type of electrical work, whether the job is industrial or for household use.

Product Description

A terminal is a metal device used for electrical terminations in order to create an electrical connection. Available in various sizes and shapes, terminals are commonly referred to as plugs or jacks. 


An insulated terminal, available as heat shrink, nylon or vinyl, works as a non-conductor with it’s protective covering. A non-insulated terminal can be used when the unit does not require safeguards in place.


Terminals, such as ring terminals, splices, spade terminals etc., are used where connection of wiring is essential. This is commonly seen with internal wiring of machines and equipment, as well as all types of vehicles (e.g., land, air, and sea).

Electrical Wire Terminals at ShrinkShop

  • Non-Insulated Terminals: As a non-insulated terminal is one solid component, the cost is low. Sold as a tin-plated copper connector, these terminals are used when there is no risk of being disturbed by outside sources. 
  • PVC Terminals: An insulated terminal, this type has PVC plastic to shield against shortening. The copper barrel and the plastic are crimped to attach the wire to the terminal. 
  • Nylon Terminals: A nylon terminal is notably clear insulator commonly used in industrial or commercial electronics. This terminal requires two crimping locations for a more durable strength. 
  • Color-Coded Wire Nuts: To secure wire connections with an organized and identifiable component, color-coded wire nuts can be used. 
  • Terminal Assortment: For an assortment of various electrical jobs, choose a box of terminals that feature 18 different styles of terminals.

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